Monday, December 3, 2012

Caution Purse Thieves

Thank you for stopping in today.  Today I want to share with you something that has been on my mind for a few days. 

The other day my Cowboy and I went grocery shopping. I am very picky about where I shop. We had gone to a neighborhood that happens to have a lot of Senior Adults living near the Kroger where we were shopping.
We were walking along the aisle and I couldn't help but notice this elderly woman looking over lunch meat.  I glanced at her cart and noticed her purse sitting unattended.  My Cowboy was oblivious to what I saw and was pushing our cart and going on toward the seafood.   I started to pass the sweet lady and then I decided that I needed to stop and caution her about her purse. 

My daughter had shared something with me a few years before about shopping.  She told me that if you take the child seat belt and loop it through your purse that no one can grab your purse from your cart. 

And so, I stopped the elderly woman and shared with her.  She was so sweet and so thankful.  And she immediately put the seatbelt through the strap of her purse. 

I smiled to myself as I walked away. 

And then I came to the next aisle.  We were walking along looking at canned vegetables.  There happened to be a cart sitting right in front of the beans I was trying to pick up.  The cart was totally unattended and there was an opened  purse sitting inside the seat.  I looked around and the owner was walking ever so slowly back to her cart completely oblivious to what was going on. 

I just could not help but think if I was a crook I could have just grabbed her wallet and she wouldn't have noticed till she got to the check out. 

I began to feel really weird about talking to her and so I went on my way and prayed a silent prayer that she wouldn't loose her purse.  As we continued shopping I noticed two more ladies leaving their purses unattended. 

Cowboy and I finished our shopping and went on home.  But the incident has stayed on my mind.

Ladies be careful about your purse.  I have had my purse stolen.  By the grace of God there wasn't any money in it at the time.  But it was a huge hassel replacing my drivers license and Social Security card.  Yes, I was stupid I had my S.S. card in my purse; for probably close to 25 years I carried it, with no incident.    

I have tried and tried to convince my 88 year old mother not to walk around with her purse open. 
I am sure she does the same thing in the grocey store, wondering off and leaving her purse unattended. 

Please pass this 'caution' on to your mom's and your friends.  You don't have to be an older adult to be distracted and leave your purse. 

Praying God's Blessings on you today.   And may your shopping adventures be Blessed

On a Blessed Journey . . .
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Joy said...

Good advice! Thank you for sharing at Artful Tuesdays!

Michele said...

Thanks for the great tip! My grandma taught me that I should always seatbelt my purse into my car, especially when driving in the summer when I might have my windows rolled down, since someone might snatch it through the window while at a stoplight. A little over paranoid? Maybe. But I still make it my habit.

Mary @ Woman to Woman said...

This is excellent advice. I usually remember to buckle my purse in the cart, but sometimes forget. Because of your post, I'll be extra diligent! Thanks Sherry!
I'm so glad you stopped by Woman to Woman! Blessings to you!

Denise said...

This is a good reminder, and one I actually stick with when shopping; a good habit indeed! Thanks for visiting over at "Refine Me"!

Blessings and hugs,

Denise said...

Wonderful advice.