Thursday, March 29, 2012

Multi Tasking

So are you the queen of multi-tasking. Or supermom?
I was thinking about how busy I have been lately.
And how hard it has been to have any real ime with God.  Not much prayerful Praising going on here. There has been prayer but it has mostly been about what I need.   Not much reading the word either.  

While I was thinking I was mult-tasking and looking for photo's in my files for another post I ran across this photo of my grandson.  I snapped it one day when he was playing and added the caption.  
Today I decided it was perfect for this verse.  That's what I want to do 'delight in doing everything God wants me'.  I want to meditate on his word and I want to follow him more closely. 

So while your multi tasking today are thinking about where God fits into all the other areas?   Maybe you need a little reminder like I did.  Feel free to use my photo.  Or use one of your own and add the verse.  And let's follow God more closely together!

Following God 'More Closely' 
                              On the Journey . . .

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