Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Book Review--Blind Hope by Kim Meeder

If your a regular reader of my blog you are probably not surprised that I was delighted to get the opportunity to read and review this book. I received an offer from Random House and Waterbrook Multnomah and I was delighted because it is different than most of the books that are offered.

I have to say I was a little apprehensive. I was hoping I would really enjoy the book and honestly I wasn't sure that I would.

But I was more than pleasantly surprised!

Blind Hope is the story of Laurie's relationship with the dog that she chooses to adopt. But more than that it is the story of Laurie's relationship with God and how this little sad, ugly, sick dog brought Laurie to a deeper and more personal relationship with God.

From the back cover: Laurie's dreams had been an attempt to soothe her aching soul, Laurie reached out to save a dog in need. And she soon began to realize that the dog was rescuing her.

Laurie and Mia's story is told by Kim Meeder; Laurie's employer and friend. Kim is the co-owner of Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch where Laurie works. Here's the dedication from the front of the book: Thank you for your courage in choosing to be transparent and honest. In doing so, you knew you would become vulnerable to the judgement of others. Yet you took that risk on the chance that through your story...some would find hope. This little book has become that endeavor; it is your Blind Hope

I don't believe that I could have worded it any better so I thought it was important to include the dedication.

I did really enjoy this book. It is my usual style to give you links for more info. and a link to purchase the book. You'll find links below.

I also include my opinion about what audience this book is appropriate for.

Here's my opinion. Get it. Read it. Give to your husband to read. Read to your children. Give to someone that is struggling with their own faith. Buy it for your church library or school library.

Not convinced yet? Here's another reason why I think it is so powerful. From chapter 4 (to set the scene: Laurie and Mia had been on an outing to an open space area where it was comfortable and safe to allow Mia to wander off the lease. When Mia realized that her master was going to release her, she wagged her entire body . . . it was time for the two of them to heard home. Laurie turned and started walking in the direction of the car. 'C'mon, Mia let's go.' To her surprise Mia didn't look up. Mia decided she wasn't going home and she wasn't being caught. Laurie went through many emotions dealing with this scene as told in their story. She did finally catch Mia and on the drive home she thought about what and happened. Here's what she realized. I am exactly like Mia. Just as her dog had run away from her. She had run away from God. Instead of running to God, she had spent her life running after everything but God.

The parallel that she uses here and throughout her story is so easy to understand and grasp. I think that anyone from a young child to older adult would be able to grasp and comprehend God's amazing grace. That is why I was so impressed with the book.

Here is a little about the author:
Kim Meeder is the co founder and director of Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch, an organization that rescues abused and dying horses and pairs them with children in need. Kim’s first book, Hope Rising, propelled the ranch to win the national Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Award and launched her extensive public/motivational speaking schedule at schools, churches, and governmental conferences across the United States. She and her husband, Troy, have been married for twenty-five years and live in Central Oregon. The size of their family fluctuates each year with the number of horses and kids that they rescue.

Here's the link to Amazon. And btw I noticed that it is on sale right now. Go over and buy a couple of copies while you have the chance.

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