Thursday, October 9, 2008

Random Things about me

I've been tagged by a new blogging friend Caroline If you get a chance, check her great blog out.

Random Facts about me:

1. I have never been to Europe and really have no desire to go.

2. I love photography but I am not very good at it.

3. I have always wanted chickens.

4. I love chick flicks and adventure movies.

5. I have always wanted to play paint ball

6. I wanted to have big family. I am fascinated with Jon & Kate and the Duggars.

Sorry I know these random facts are weird and borrowing but I was asked to do it and I just didn't want to disappoint.

Now the harder thing is coming up with 6 friends. How do I decide to tag? Man. I'll have to think about that awhile.

Here are the rules:
Link to the person who tagged you.
Post the rules on your blog.
Write six random things about yourself.
Tag six people at the end of your post.
Let each person know he or she has been tagged.
Let the tagger know when your entry is up

OK I thought about it ...tagging

Amy the WFW woman because I haven't heard from her in a couple of days.
Sandra Diary of a Stay at Home Mom because It hink she is fun and cool and will post something cool.
Rachelanne because she is a great writer and I know she'll say something funny and just crack us up.
Doughal Daisy's friend just because I thought it would be fun to add him. He is a really cool pup.
Carla because she is from somewhere in Texas too
Denise at Shorty Bear's Place because I just want to hear what she has to say

Now for this tag thing I am supposed to let all these people know that I tagged them.
I hope everyone has a Blessed Friday. I'll be posting a Show and Tell but it will be late because I go to the food bank in the morning.

BTW tonights activity night with the girls was amazing. It was a lot of fun and we really connected with a few of the girls. Two girls got assigned mentors tonight and I was really pleased with how quickly they connected to each other. Thanks to everyone who prayed for us.


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Amydeanne said...

hehe I'll do this one today! It was my anniversary the other day I decided not to post and just take a break! (lol didn't think anyone would notice! So thank-you!)

Denise said...

Thanks for tagging me sweetie, my post is up. I love you.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Ahhhh, are just to swell to tag me! I will tell my momma to play the game soon! Thanks for thinking of me! You are one cool gal! ((doggy hugs)) Duhgall