Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Being Thankful on Tuesday

For some reason blogger wasn't cooperating and wouldn't let me load the photo's I had chosen. And so the subject of this post is impromptu.
I did want to thank everyone that participated in my More than a Friend post challenge. It was so much fun meeting everyones friends.
I am praying today about whether to put it up tomorrow or not. So I need feedback.
If you enjoyed it please leave me a comment and let me know.
BTW Peggy,Carla,Alicia,Denise,Grammy oh I am leaving someone out please forgive me but anyway I decided not to draw names because what I want to give away I can give to all of you because you were all More than a Friend to me last week. Please email me your addresses. I'll be sending something to you on Friday.
I am in a huge rush because the subject of my original post should be here in a few minutes and will keep me busy the rest of the day.
He was so cute when he left yesterday. He was dressed like a pumpkin to go and have photo's taken in a pumpkin patch. Hopefully my daughter will have the prints this afternoon and blogger will work and I'lls can them.
So until later. Everyone have a Blessed Day and please leave me a comment.


Grammy said...

I very much enjoyed your ideal. It is great to here about all the special people in the world. It is always good to have posts that are up lifting.
Than you for asking me.

Denise said...

I enjoy more than a friend meme sweetie. I love you.

Peggy said...

Blessings Sherry...tell me about it...problems with Blogger, computer, programs, internet, does it ever end?

So glad you have your pumpkin today! I hope you get good photos whether you can share them now or later, doesn't matter...the point is to capture the moment!!!(it was Mary & Sherry you missed) How could you...they're my best friends!(lol)

I came over to see you, I like the idea of being Thankful on Tuesday, or any day actually...but Marsha left you a comment...and I don't know how well you know her or her ministry but thought you should go check out her other you can see why she said what she did:

have a sweet day with your pumpkin!

Carla said...

I'm doing more than a friend with or without you (big smile), I think its a wonderful excuse to share who I love out loud!! I look forward to yummy chubby pumpkin baby pictures!!! Take care!

Debra Kaye said...


I love More than a Friend! It's a sweet way to pay tributes to your friends!

Hugs to you, sweet one!

Alicia The Snowflake said...

Oh thank you, ma'am! I had fun doing it. I will probably do it again! It is so nice to express our appreciation to others. Have a great night!