Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My New project w/ Kelli

Kelli is hosting a paper crafts project each Thursday. Here are the paper crafts I have been working on this week.

First are bookmarks that I have created to send to the volunteers that work in our ministry.
I used colorful cardstock and calendars with quilts. I cut the quilt photo's into strips and glued onto the cardstock. These bookmarks remind our volunteers to pray for our girls ministry.

Next are place cards for an event that our ministry is hosting next Thursday night at the girls halfway house. I have recruited volunteers to mentor the 20 girls in residence and help the girls have a great holiday time this year. Next Thursday kicks off the 3 month program. These place cards will be at each girls place setting for the dinner.

And last is the new paper art journal that I am writing. I have seen these on other blogs and read about them and decided this week to begin my own. I feel like that writing my thoughts and journaling them and adding the photo illustrations is a legacy for me to leave to my children and grandchildren. They can get a glimpse of
some of the things that are important to me. Things that I like or love but maybe not actually ever accomplish. It is a journal into my heart and soul. And a journal of my dreams.

Thanks for visiting today. And please come back soon. The welcome mat is always out.
And, I really love comments.


goooooood girl said...

i like......

hip chick said...

I love you banner. It looks so cozy and autumn-ish. Your paper things are beautiful.

Debra said...


These are awesome. I love them!

Blessings to you today, sweet one!

Anonymous said...

Those are great!

Hadias said...

Your journal is coming along nicely. I will be posting pictures of mine today as well. I do hope that you will stop by and check it out.

Have a blessed day.

Jennifer said...

Bookmarks!!! I never even thought of making those! What a good idea using the quilting pictures as well!

Kelli said...

I'm glad you joined in the fun! I really love those bookmarks!

Earthmommy said...

I love the journal...I keep saying I am going to do one, I need to get going on it!