Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Praising God in the storm

Tonight I write and ask for prayers for our ministry. I have a counter on my blog I know that there were lots of visits today and only a few comments.

I have no idea if my plea concerning WFW offended people of not.

Tonight I have a huge financial plea for our ministry and us personally. Tonight as we have done so many times in the last five years we are Praising God in the midst of a storm.

We know that he is with us in this work. He continues to show us over and over and over that this work is needed and he Blesses us.

Each and every time God has faithfully showed not only his grace but his provision for us. As an example for almost three years we lived in a house rent free.

In June he opened the doors and directed us to this house. And, he has provided provision for us to pay our rent. Our rent is paid through the end of November. But, there are very little other funds coming. Our phone was turned off tonight. It is linked with the t.v. and the inter-net. We will not be able to communicate with supporters without the internet.

Today I have been saddened at the response that I received from my post. And now tonight I write and seek not only encouragement but your prayers.

I know that God will provide. I know that he will give us the encouragement that we need to continue you on.

I have to lean and trust him because my first reaction is to be mad. To be mad at Cowboy and to urge him to go and get a job again. Just like I did periodically for the last 5 years. But I have to stop and remember that for almost three years we lived rent free. God affirms us.

Tonight I lean and trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding. I have no idea why he will not just send manna from heaven in the form of money to fund this work. I have no idea why we are attacked and then affirmed. But I do know that there are girls that need to hear of God's love and so I will continue on.

I pray that I have friends out there that will pray for me. Because I need it so much.

Tonight I end this post trusting in God's sovereignty and the strength that the Lord Jesus Christ will give me to make it through this storm.
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