Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Simple Sunday

Coming Soon . . .

I only have a few minutes before I leave for church but I wanted to post this real quick and invite you to visit Peggy. She is hosting this new little Simple meme. Please run over and visit her and leave her a sweet comment too. She has been struggling through all the really bad weather hitting Mexico and Baja California.
I'll be back later tonight and leave a Simple Sunday post and Daisy's post. I hope your day is packed with God's Blessings.


ellen b said...

Hi Sherry,
Thanks for your nice comment at my blog. I love the very warm fall look here :0) Hope your Sunday was refreshing and encouraging... said...

Your header is so beautiful! I found Peggy's meme over at Shorty Bears place (Denise) and I thought this is one I can do! Hugs Grams

Peggy said...

Blessings my sweet Sherry...THANK YOU! & welcome to Super Sunday! I'm thankful for your promotion before church, I just hurried back from my church to catch a special one on line in Spanish from Houston, TX. I saw the English one last night...I love the worship, helps me feel like I'm at home in USA praising!

1st)I want to thank you for your motherly love(sister) and concern when you found out I was in Hurricane season. People started praying when I posted & it not only went from category 4 to 1 but also went much further north and even hit the mainland further north so storms will be headed into AZ, NM, TX...unless it really dwindles but another one is coming along the coast further south so I need to check on it's whereabouts! I heard that they evacuated some towns! Very hard to do here...if a road washes out it may be the only choice you had!!!I never know for sure. I do not like hurricanes but as least you know ahead unlike tornadoes that just surprise you as they drop down. But I'm use to them

2nd)Can't wait to see what you & Daisy are up to...

3rd)Did you figure out Mr. Linky?
for FRIENDS day!!! I really love the one you chose!

4th)Now I can tell why your mission is with those young women!!! God bless you...don't forget to link between today & tomorrow for Mission4Monday! Remember it's on my other blog and is scheduled to post tonight(for Nancie but she's on a break so she may not be linking) I may select one of her previous posts and link her, do you think she's mind?

5th)Your song that you mentioned is one of 100 on my playlist and is
by Sandi Patty "Via DOLOROSA". I laughed at how you wrote de la rosa
because broken this way means from the rose...and the real word has to do with the Way of Suffering! So I laughed at the Spanish error and then it hit me: Our Lord...the Rose of Sharon...had thorns that caused Him to bleed for me...He suffered in a way I could never handle
...seeing much less being persecuted that way...out of obedience & great love He fulfilled
the Salvation Plan to give us eternity without suffering anymore!
Free from all pain, strife, tears, sadness, destruction, sacrifice...
so I could just PRAISE Him all day

well, again, you inspired me & touched me, even after the storm passed but I'm so glad you care &
this should have been an email by now! I'll be back later this evening!!! Enjoy a SUPER SUNDAY!

Peggy said...
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sailorcross said...

I love your header!! Did you make it yourself?

I'll be back later to check on your Super Simple Sunday!!


Emma and Mommy said...

Thank you so much for stopping by our little blog. I am glad that Emma has touched you, I believe everyone has a purpose in life, and I think Emma's is too teach and touch as many as she can. Good to know she is doing a good job!

Its very nice to meet you!

Robin said...

Hi Sherry,

Thanks for stopping by my blogs. I know it can get confussing b/c I have 3 blogs!! It's crazy, but maybe one day I will get everything onto one somehow. Anyhow, I am sooo glad my post blessed you. Please don't feel unworthy in anyway, my goodness!! That is not how God wants us to feel. I know The Word says that God only gives us what we can handle; and we are all given different blessings and struggles in life, we all have different talents, abilities and gifts that He wants us to use. I will add you too, and will be praying for you my new friend. God Bless. Robin

Denise said...

I love you my friend.

Amydeanne said...

going to check out peggy's! :)