Saturday, October 25, 2008

Then Sings my Soul Saturday

I have not been able to find the words to the song that I have been wanting to share.
It is a song written by an old friend the Youth Minister that I mentioned in my Mission Monday post last week. It is an amazing song about God's grace and our unworthiness. It speaks of making mistakes over and over again and feeling unworthy to come back to the cross.

This morning my first stop was at Peggy's. It was funny because her you tube didn't load. But I read the words to this song. Then I went to you tube and found this.

These words spoke to me and said what I have been feeling and wanting to share.
There are times that I am confused and frustrated, hurt and angry and it is only Christ that heal those hurts and lift me up again.
Here are the words to this amazing song.

Dear Lord, I’m on my knees again
I come to You because You understand
I’ve tried so hard, but I just can’t change myself
That’s why I know I need Your help

So here I am
This in my plea
My only hope is Your love for me
I’m reaching out
So desperately
Come take my hand; take all of me
Just as I am

Oh Lord, You make what’s broken new
Why can’t I just learn to follow You
I want to know You and feel You in my soul
I surrender all control

I am not afraid to follow You where You lead me
I can leave the past behind me
I’m forgiven and I’m free

Thanks for coming by today and please visit Amy and Peggy (I hope you don't mind I used your song!)
Many Blessings
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