Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More than a Friend Week

Welcome to the second week of More Than a Friend if you missed last week please join us this week and write a post about someone that is special to you. I read some wonderful posts last week and really enjoyed meeting some really special people.

The rules are simple. Take the button.(1 point) Write a post.(1 point) And for extra points put the song up. (5 points) I thought I would make this fun. Now one more way to get extra points. Invite someone else to write a post. Leave me a comment and tell me who you invited for (5 extra points!) (Your name goes in the drawing once for each point. So this means if you do all the above your name goes in 12 times! Wow.)

This is super simple and you even have all week to do it. Mr Linky will be up on Tuesday and Wednesday. But if you come by on another day you can just go to the Tues. or Wed. post to link.

This should be a really fun week and I am looking forward to lots of More than a Friend posts. I will tally points on Tuesday night and announce the winner (only one this week) on Wednesday.

So when a special friend comes to your mind this week. Write a post and come on over and link up.

And you'll be entered to win this.

Thanks for joining! Many Blessings to all.
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