Monday, June 23, 2014

Blue Antiqueing--Blue Monday

Well Saturday I took a break and went shopping.  I was on a quest
for lighting for my sewing space. Click here to see the  post. 
Alas no lighting but I did find some Blues for Sally...
 Love the Blue mantle...see the little blue table on the edge? The black chair isn't to shabby either.  This shot was takin' at a local Antique mall. . .
 Look at the great chairs.  Who'd a thunk to paint Blue.  Not me but they are great!  This is my favorite local shop.
And next a new shop . . .
 New shop we stumbled on.  These looked so delicate.  I love them.  But, not the price tag!
A great vignette for Sally! All in all a great Blue trip.
Linking with Sally for Blue Monday.  Click Here.

                                                               Happy Trails

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