Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wednesday Filled With Words ---Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time there was a little girl who dreamed big dreams.
Her dreams were big or at least she thought they were because if they were to come true  . . .
It would be really, really Big.
And so she dreamed . . .
She would sit in the car and watch for fences as the family drove through the country.  Not just any fence but special fences.  Fences that meant . . .

She loved weekends when the family toured the countryside.
And she dreamed.

Every day she walked home from school she would stop.
She would look around to see if anyone was watching.  And slowly tentatively she would reach up and climb a fence. 
All the while hoping that maybe today was the day she actually got to touch . .  .
And she would say to him. " I would not leave you here all alone."
And . . .  'I'll save all my kisses only for you.' 

 And she knew that one day her dreams would come true . . .

                                             And they did
And her . . .
                            Trails were Happy
And she gave him all her kisses until one day. . .
She kissed the Cowboy.  And that's another story.

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