Friday, March 7, 2008

Ultimate Blog Party

The Welcome mat is out. Come on in for the Ultimate Blog Party. I am kind of new at blogging and you will notice one of my catergories is "dummies at blogging" but I think you'll have fun visiting.
Don't forget to look at my archves too. I have it set to only keep a weeks worth of posts up. So, there is lots in the archives.

I really enjoy blogging. And I hope you enjoy visiting. I guess I was a little confused about the party because I thought it started at midnight. When I went over to check at 5 minutes for mom there were already almost 500 already signed in! Wow.
So, I am honored if you take the time to visit.

Please,please,please leave a comment and let me know you visited. And, have lots of fun at the party. I know I will.
Blessings. Sherry


Unknown said...

Hello. As I'm sure you've found out by now, the party got off to a late start because the party, er, server crashed.

Michie said...

Hi - thanks for inviting me to the party. I'm a new blogger too - still trying to figure a lot of this stuff out. Glad you managed to get your post to work! :)