Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dummies at Blogging? Spring Decorating

Welcome to my short post about spring decorating. I wrote yesterday about the problem I am having with the computer. I think my life is possessed by some force that is trying to make me nuts.
For two days I have not been able to open Photoshop. I just purchased it a couple of weeks ago. So thought I did something wrong and the trial version was over.
Then this morning I was searching in hard copies for a report I should have filed in Jan. at the foodbank because they say they didn't receive it. I couldn't find the hardcopy. So I look for the email copy. Nothing there either. So I figure that was about the time I changed computers. So I go looking into the files that they had put from the old computer on this one. And somehow Photoshop opened.
I know that I am a bit of a master and digging things up and going and in the back door when necessary because I am a dummy at blogging but this is ridiculous. Anyway I wanted to post this photo really quick. Now I am back to searching for the missing report.
But this cute bunny I added to the bathroom mirror light. She is a little pot hanging but I have never put her on a plant because I wouldn't want her to fall off and get broken. She looks lovely I think and the light.
More later I hope. Have a Blessed Day.

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