Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Bible Verse Memory

God has been putting it on my heart to memorize his word. Recently I wrote about verses that are buried in my head. I know many of us have those verses that you remember part of or even all of them but don't know where they are.
I work for a ministry that is dedicated to helping troubled teens. Most of them have had no experience with church and have little knowledge at all about God let alone the Bible.
There are a few though that do have some past experience and sometimes even remember verses. But it saddens me and makes me feel totally unprepared for what God has called me to do when one of them asks me about a verse or its reference and I don't know where it is.
And, sometimes even the volunteers that work with me will ask me questions about Bible verses. I guess because I am in a leadership position and I am the one that does devotionals with them and the girls they naturally assume I have the Bible memorized and can answer all their questions. If they only knew how wrong they are!
A few months ago one of my volunteers began teaching the girls how to memorize scripture. I don't know where she learned this method but I decided to start using it and so today I'll share it with you. I have adapted it a little and I think that is what works with me.
I am a visual learner. If I see something over and over I remember it much easier than if I am told something. Or I listen to it. I also learn by doing.
In this method you take a verse and you break it down into phrases.
Step One: Break verse into phrases
Step Two: Recite the reference.
Step Three: Recite the reference with the first phrase 3 times.
This is where I adapted it. I type the reference and the first phrase three times.
Sometimes 4,5 or 6 times. Till I can type it without looking back at the verse.
Step Four: Add the next phrase. Reciting the reference and the first phrase and phrase two. Recite or type three times. (4,5 or 6 times if your slow like me)
Continue with this method through the entire verse.
Here's the important part. Say the reference before and after the verse.

Here's this weeks verse broken down.

Deuteronomy 6:5-9
Love the Lord your God with all your soul with all your heart and with all your strength.
These commands that I give you today are to be upon your heart.

Yesterday I used the method and today I typed this part of the verse with looking back at my notes. I did begin working on it Sunday.
Another thing that I do is I go ahead and type it on Sunday I cover an entire sheet of paper with the verse. Then I can cut the repeated verse apart and put around the house so I can work on it throughout the day in whatever room I am in.

This method has been very effective for me. I am going to start using the method of writing it out and putting reminders around the mission where I work. Each week we will have a verse of the week and we will have it written and posted throughout the building. I think I will have the girls write the verse in pretty colored markers.

If you are struggling with memorizing scripture. Try this method. It works for me maybe it will work for you. Maybe before you start reading blogs work on the memory verse and start your day off with the Lords word.

Have a Blessed Day, Sherry (I wish I could figure out how some of you guys write your name pretty. Another one of those dummies at blogging posts!)

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