Friday, March 7, 2008

Show and Tell Friday

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Here's mine for today. Another corner of my house. Everything around here revolves around the family and horses which are party of the family. Here are photos of my den.

This shelf I got at my favorite little antique shop. I originally bought it to store bolts of fabric in my sewing room but got it home set it in the den and it just fit in so perfectly it got to stay. I just called out to all these treasures and they just floated right over. It is actually two pieces and they didn't originally go together. I can't take the credit for the painting or even putting them together. But I love they way it looks.
Here's a closer view of whats inside.
On the bottom shelf in front of the books is a wooden trophy from a horse show. We didn't win this. It is from the 60's I think I found it at our local Riding Club in a closet. I thought it was nostalgic and I loved the way it looked. On the right is my daughter (in the purple sequin girly frame) with my horse. I bought the frame at Eckerds for $1.00 on clearance. I was perfect for this shot of my girls! On the left is an orange candle that a friend at church gave me "just because" It had the sweetest note. (I'll have to write about that another time) Up on the top shelf (I think) you can see a rabbit frame. (Yes there are rabitts hiding all over my house)
That frame is a few years old. The photo's are of my husband and the kids fishing.
The kids are like 4 and 6. (More on that another day too) The books that fill these shelves are all about horses, and taking care of and training horses. I love my little library.
I have one more photo of the room. This grouping is
on another wall. And yes it is our dresser. It does match my furniture in the den. I moved it in here a few weeks ago because this long wall was so bare. I also wanted a chair in the bedroom so without the dresser there I have a little chair. I realized we didn't really use the dresser for clothes. So what few things were in there I put in the lingerea chest and nightstands and moved it. I really like it here. The whooly chaps hanging on the wall we bought in Rapid City South Dekota. We went on vacation there for an antigue auction. It was amazing. The bronze on the end is a Remington. We bought it many years ago. It doesn't really match the time period of the rest of the house because it is a mountain man. But we like so it stays. In the center leaning against the wall is my daughter and her horse. I wrote about him a couple of days ago. You'll have to read that post. As you can see she loves her horse. And last but not least on the dresser is a ceramic dish that my sister who lives in Seattle sent me. I think it is pretty. She finds the neatest treasures.
I hope that you have enjoyed my little tour of my part of Texas.
And please come over during the 5 minutes for mom blog party and take a tour of my blog. I'll have the gate open so come on in. Have a Blessed day. I am off to tromp through the snow now!


LW said...

Cute display, love the little red cowboy boots….


stace said...

those cowboy boots are soooo me, they make the corner!!

j said...

The boots ROCK...I would never have thought to use them that way. Fun S&T post! Jen

Constance said...

HI There! The red ropers remind me of my son's very first pair of cowboy boots! He got them when he was 3 years old and one of my favorite pictures of him is lying on my Hub's chest, sound asleep wearing his little training pants and his brand new boots! How much snow did you end up with?

cherished*vintage said...

Great display! I love old trophies and that one is very cool. The red boots are just darling! Loved your show and tell, have a fabulous weekend!

Hootin' Anni said...

My hubby would just LOVE all this. The Texas flag and 'six shooter' is awesome too.

Have a great weekend, hope you can drop by my show n tell if you haven't already.

Susan said...

I love the little red boots!!!


I knew this had to be
in Texas. Clues: red
cowboy boots and it
looks like a Texas
Ranger Star Award or
is it Dallas Cowboys

hogan said...

What a talent you have for display!! Love the boots!
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Dalyn said...

another horse lover! Love your sho ad tell- how can you go wrong with horses and family? *U*

Kelli said...

What a great tour of Texas! All of your things are set up very nicely and those little red cowboy boots are so sweet! My daughter Grace is a huge horse lover, I'm sure she would want to come over and read all those books! :0)