Sunday, March 30, 2008

I was tagged . . .

I couldn't believe it. I looked in to see if anyone had visited and I found comment #11. I always seem to get comments after Show and Tell Friday. Thank you Kelli.
I really enjoy seeing everyones Show and Tells and meeting new people. And when people come over and visit me and leave comments I am just wowed. Well today I found #11 and along with it was "your tagged". So I went over to see what she was talking about and I followed her trail back to a bunch of people and it was quite interesting. I read some really neat blogs and it was interesting to see the people that other people tagged.
So I'll be playing along once I think of the words for my memoirs. I have to think of six words and then tag 5 people. Now the tagging part won't be hard but the memooirs(especially since I can't even spell it correctly) is hard for me. I have one figured out already and it goes with the trailing back and reading all the other tags. Wonder what I am thinking?
I think it will be fun so friends start thinking about your memoirs because you will probably be next.
I have had an amazingly busy week and weekend with family and with the ministry and I didn't get to post any animals stories yesterday so I'll hold off till next week so my animal friends hang on. Next week will be worth the wait.
And, I don't have a verse of the week yet. So will have to post that tomorrow I hope. But one thing I do know about myself #2 I guess on the memoirs is I need a plan. Some people don't like the Monday this and Tuesday that type of blogging but I am a plannig person so I usually end up writing certain things on certain days. It is just the way I am. I hope you enjoy.
See you all tomorrow with photo's of the baby shower. My new grandbaby will be here soon. I was amazed today at the shower. My daughter the guest of honor baked and decorated sugar cookies for everyone. They were decorated with the letter "Z" because the babies name will be Christian Zane. And she filled little baggies with m&m's (she had to talk out all the lavendar ones. She probably ate them). But I should have expected something amazing. She made her wedding bouquet. We were up till 3 in the morning the night before the wedding making the bouquets. And she baked cheesecakes for the groomscake. Did I say she is amazing. This child of mine. Oh by gosh... I can't stand it. Here's a photo. This is taken at the shower planning party over lunch at corner bakery. She is the one with the extra around the middle. LOL isn't she adorable. You should have seen her today. I am sorry. I just think she is just amazing. She is the sunshine of my life.

And tomorrow is her birthday so maybe I won't get to post those memoirs but if I don't well as Scarlet would say "Tomorrow is another day." Isn't that what she said. Well something like that.
Blessings to all and I hope everyone has an amazing week. Be thinking about those 6 words 'cuz you just might get tagged!


kris said...

Hi Sherry! Just wanted to pop in real quick, but I'll be back! Thanks for your comment on my blog!

Esther Sunday said...

And, so should she be the sunshine of your life! A lovely gal, to be sure! My 16 yr daughter gets her wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow. Funny, but I am more anxious about it then she is... I would much rather it be me than her! Its the strong mom thing.

Anonymous said...

I got tagged twice for the very same theme. I will post mine for my 4urpets tonight. I have to work on mine for The Empty Nest and will probably post it tomorrow.

If you don't know yet, I just got a new blog on Blogspot called The Empty Nest as I would love to have you come by and say, "Hi". I just blogged about a gopher in my back yard. I know, real heavy stuff.