Saturday, March 8, 2008

Ultimate Blog Party Lunch is served!

Hi welcome to the Ultimate Blog Party hosted by two mom's that are sisters. They are over at 5 minutes for mom. I hope if you click on the cute little button on my sidebar it will take you there. I am a bit of a dummy at blogging so I cannot promise it actually works.
Come on in. I have had the welcome mat out all morning. You can check my earlier posts. But before you do. Come on in for a fabulous Mexican inspired lunch.

Here's some wonderful chicken enchilada's. Half are regular flour tortilla's and half are wholewheat. BTW if your really not into eating a little healthy take my word for it the wholewheat tastes just as good and with all the other gooyiness and yummy cheese and chicken I think you could sneak it past the most decerning husbands and children. These yummy creations are filled with chicken breast meat and wonderful cheddar cheese.
To go with the enchilada's we are serving.

Didn't I tell you those enchilda's are yummy. Someone has already busted into them!
Along with the enchilada's are some wonderful baked beans ala Mexican style. Some yummy cheese and corn cornbread. And for dessert just plain 'ole yummy chocolate cake with walnut icing.
I hope you enjoy your meal. I almost forgot. Raid the fridge for ice cold Dr. Pepper and some Green tea. Sorry that is about all we ever have in the house. Except for o.j. and kool aid. But choose what ever you want.

Well I know that I am supposed to introduce myself to all you wonderful party girls.
So here is just a little.
I am a SAHM and Grandmom. Well sort of I stayed home till just over 4 years ago. My husband was called to full time ministry. And so I began to work with him. We have been fulltime in ministry for 4 years. It is a Blessing. And I love it.
But I realized that I was loosing myself. Letting the ministry absorb every hour and every minute. I haven't been bold enough to take photo's of the house during the bomb stage. It is getting better each day.
I'll share more with you about the ministry another day. And I'll post a link to the blog.
But more about just little 'ole me.
I love to cook. I love to entertain. These are a couple of things that went on the back burner for the last four years. I hope to change that this year.
I love animals. Most all animals except rodent type and slither type. We live on a little acreage and we have 3 horses and 2 mini donkeys. And so those yucky type animals I just mentioned do inhabit the place with us. But we also have an outside cat and he has a job but I don't think he does it very well. (another story) We also have an inside cat. Her name is Miss Kitty. Because she is. Also part of the family are two rabbits. One is a flemish giant. And, it is his relative that you see every year advertising for Cadbury. The asked my Rhett Butler to do the spot but he said "no" because it would require to much time away from home and he knew that I would miss him terribly. And also his cage mate "Danger" would miss him too. Danger is a grey lopped ear really fat little girl.
And last but of course not least is our lovely hostess. My Daisy. She was holding down the party earlier this morning while I was blog hopping and running around to the other parties.
Whew. That was a lot about me! But wait. There is more. But I know that you probably have finished off that dessert. And I know your just itching to go to the next party.
So I'll leave all the other really interesting things about me for another post.
I hope you all really enjoyed your visit and I hope you enjoyed lunch.
Come by tomorrow around lunch time again and I think we'll have the grill out.
Have fun partying. Blessings to all. Sherry
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