Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring Decorating

I put the welcome mat out and opened the gate to invite you all in to see how I have started my spring decorating.
First I started in the sewing studio and dressed "Hannah Homemaker" in a lovely crocheted apron. (I should have added pearls)

Then I changed the green bowl that once held hearts to hold some of my small bunnies. Notice how many there are in this photo.
I have to admit that I had other spring decorating photo's planned. But something has gone haywire. I copied them off the camera's to c.d.'s because the computer won't talk to the camera anymore. Then today when I got ready to put them in this post the computer won't talk to the c.d. drive. It was working before because the bunnies and the photo of Hannah I managed to download a few days ago. So I'll be adding my "dummies at blogging" label to this post.
Trust me I do have more spring decorations. I redid the mantle and a couple of other things. Hopefully I can get them loaded later.
I hope you do enjoy my little short tour. Come back on Saturday and find out the whole mystery about how many bunnies are in the green bowl. Hint. It has to do with my regular Saturday post about Cats,Dogs,Horses etc.
Have a great day.
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