Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bible Verse Memory

These verses have been on my mind a lot as I have been working on memorizing them.
Impressing them on our children is so important that God even told us to do that. To talk about him and his word. So many children grow up never hearing about God's love for them. It breaks my heart when I talk to teenagers that are clueless about the gifts that await them.
And now while we wait on our newest grandbaby I think about the things that we all need to teach him. To show him how much God loves him.
Today I was impressed to begin reading for him. Even when he is not with me to read God's word and pray for him while I read. To pray that his mommy and daddy will continue to seek God's will and to train him up in the way he should go. To talk about God with him when they sit and when they lie down and when they walk along the road.

I hope that if you have a child that you will tell him about God's love. Pray for him or her. Read God's word and love them.


twinklemom said...

This was a beautiful and touching post and very mindful of our responsibilities as parents...Thank you for posting this.

Amydeanne said...

what a great verse! one of my favorites

Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

This is one of my favorites too. :-)

Infinity Goods said...

Great job. This is a nice post.