Sunday, March 9, 2008

Party On . . . Sunday edition

Hi. Welcome again to our blog party hosted by
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We have been waiting for you all day while these were sittin' around doin' thier thing. Thier thing meaning we marinaded them in McCormick Montreal Grilling Spice.
You know yesterday I mentioned what a sweet hostess Daisy is. Well here she is again. We can't show faces because I don't know who left thier kid but Daisy and my Cowboy went for hot dogs. (I'm sure she is grateful that kid showed up she loves a chance to go for a "ride") Here they are serving your kid. If he's yours would you please come back and get him before dark.
The grill isn't quite ready for the steaks so while we are waiting I'll tell you a little more about me.
One of my most favorite things is sewing and quilting. Although I am learning that I really think I prefer looking at them and playing with the fabric and cutting kits than actually sewing them. I figured that out you see because I don't have a lot of finished product. Now don't get me wrong I have finished many quilts that I have given away to various people for various occasions. But actually finishing one for myself I seem to have difficulty with. I mentioned cutting kits. In our ministry I teach teenagers to sew. They make baby and child size quilts, little skirts and pillowcases. All these things are donated to orphnages and other charities.
I quess playing with fabric in some form is my favorite thing to do.
I also like to read but don't do it much anymore for a couple of reasons. I get totally consumed in a book. I tend to forget to return them to the library. And I don't really have the funds anymore to buy books. I am not too interested in the trading book thing because I really like to keep my books.
Oh my cowboy husband is hollerin' that the grill is ready. They look so yummy layin' on that fire.
I know I don't have much time because we only grill our steaks 3-4 minutes on each side.And that depends on the fire. I hope you like yours rare.
I mentioned yesterday I love to cook. And I love to be a frugal shopper. (actually I have to) But it is definately a challenge that I enjoy. If you happen onto your Kroger which is where I bought the lettuce for our salad and they have marked down bags of salad. Grab them up. Well check them out first. Usually they will last a few more days in the fridge. Just make sure that there isn't any rust on them when you buy them. I never buy salad at regular price. Have you noticed how much eggs are? There some things you can't always get on sale and how can you skip the eggs.
Oh time to plate up the steaks. (notice the cookin' show lingo there. I love to watch food network and HGTV. More on that later. Sink your teeth into this.
Let me get you all another glass of tea. And ya'll sit back and enjoy. I have talked your ear off enough so I'll let everyone just visit. And if Daisy begs just ignore. She really isn't hungry. Stay as long as you like and have fun.
Now please I know this kid likes it here but please go ahead and take him home. I'll be going in to get back on the computer around 10:00 so just shut the gate when you leave.
p.s. One more thing before you go in case you haven't figured it out. I love,love,love this whole blogging thing. Although I am not real good. I am really learning a lot. I have to give credit. So below are the credits for the photo's.
(I am having camera problems and so I don't get to use as many of my own as regularly as I want)
Steak and ingredients (mine can't you tell)
Boy and dog and hotdog and pretend Cowboy husband (Dreamtime free)
Steak on grill (Dreamtimes free)
Garden gate (I borrowed from somewhere back during my Valentine Party check my archives. Sorry I don't know where I got it but I think it was another free stock photo place.)
See ya'll tomorrow. And would someone please take that kid home!

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