Sunday, March 11, 2018

Why Sunday Supper?

Welcome To Sunday Sunday
Today I have 2 questions
Let's start with  What. So what is Sunday Supper?
I am interested in what Sunday Supper is like at your house.  And maybe someday soon we'll all get together and have a discussion about that. 
But for now.  Bear with me and hear me out.  So what is 
Sunday Supper?  It's what I remember from back in the day but a little different.  Things are much different now.
I am different now.  I think of when I was a child.  I think of when my children were young and at home. 
For me now it's different.  Most times is 2 people.  
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And then there's the whole discussion of  Supper or Dinner or Lunch.  
For me Supper means just a good ole simple evening meal.
Dinner sounds more formal to me. 
And then well Lunch is Lunch unless it's Brunch!
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And well that brings me to Why?  I miss Sunday Supper.
Even though it's not the same at least for me and will never be exactly the same.
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And well probably won't be for you either.
Whether your a young couple.  Or your children are little.
Maybe your a mom with older or college students.  And on that note maybe your doing the high 5 with your hubby and your looking forward to having an almost empty house. Yes it is or will be all you hope for!
Or maybe your like me it's completely empty and it's most 
days breakfast, lunch and supper/dinner for 2.  
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And if you look at your schedule at whatever phase your 
in you realize that Sunday is a good night to have a meal 
together as a family.  Whatever family is to you right now.
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That is where I am going with Sunday Supper
It's about a meal with special people.
A meal where we all sit together.
And maybe even cook together.
A meal to enjoy. 
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For us The Cowboy and I have a couple of ideas about 
Sunday Supper.  There will be a few times where we will 
actually have family.  Our daughter is getting married in May so well.  There's that. 
Many nights it will be just us. 
But we are planning some meals with friends/neighbors.
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Sunday Supper 
May be different for you.
But I want to encourage you to 
Bring Back Sunday Supper
Linking at the usual parties.
There is a list at the bottom of the page.

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