Tuesday, March 6, 2018

One Of My Hobbies-Art Journals/Paper Swap

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Today I thought I would share one of my many hobbies.  Basically because I just got a large package all the way from Scotland and I wanted to share it with you. 
The large envelope was stuffed with fun papers for projects. 
There's always a big variety.  Some I keep and some I send off to
someone else. 

I chose a few of my favorites to show you and tell you my plans.

I thought these were interesting because you can see where they came from.   An art fair brochure from Aberdeen Scotland.
A newspaper from Copenhagen. And a ticket voucher from a museum in Cyprus.
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It's super fun for me because I see things from places I'll never get to visit.
Interesting photography. I may use the part of the girl with the lady bug in a gardening journal.  The tree lined road would be pretty in a garden journal too.  
The others pieces may speak to me later or be sent off to another part of the world.  
Maps from other places are always fun.  They are great to cut up and use as backgrounds for pages in art journals.
A really cool paper stencil I can use in Garden Journals.
Vintage magazine in German.  Very cool.  I love vintage.
A calendar page stuffed full of fabulous papers.
An example of Art Journal pages.  Different textured papers and book pages.
I loved this one.  I have been collecting papers for a Valentines Art Journal.
This one I was super excited about.  Perfect for a Garden Journal.
I'll ad a few more creases and antique the paper.  It'll be a lovely!
Die cut fish, a ticket stub and a small envelope.  I love envelopes!
I repurpose them and use in my Journals to tuck little treasures in.
Cool old books pages and a sweet little photo.
A little envelope filled with cool stamps.  I collect botanical stamps for my Garden Journals.  So I'll trade these.  A few tickets
a post card and a To Do List I will use in a journal.
A tag, a To Do List, a date card, a cool photo and some very cool fibers all will find places inside a journal.
And next my favorite part of the entire package
I have no idea what I will do with this.  It is just pretty.  I love vintage cards.  I might just keep it and enjoy it. 

And one last fun piece I think my grandson will enjoy.

He will have a blast trying to translate this! 

And so that was the package of paper I received from Scotland for the February paper swap.

The March swap is under way.  It is a little different.   I'll be sharing about it in a few weeks.  
Paper Swap Blog
In case your interested you can join anytime.  Click here. 
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And now I want to share another project that I am considering.

I have been collecting and cutting apart blue jeans.  I was thinking 
about making just a simple quilt with different size rectangles. 
But I saw this one today.  I don't really like that the edges are raw. They are just sewn on the curved sections so the edges are raw.  I was thinking I might zig zag.  

I was wondering if anyone might have some advice.  Please leave 
me a comment.  

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