Monday, March 19, 2018

My Crazy Calendar- Random Post-My Crazy Life Changes

It's to happen to me from time to time who know what causes it.
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That's what happened last week.  Or was it the last couple of weeks?  

Anyway the good news is.  At least I think it's good news!
I have plenty say.  The ideas just keep popping into my head!

Blog Post Ideas For When You Are in a Rut
And I didn't even read this!  I have a few posts planned and some great ideas that I think you'll like. 

And then today I was totally messed up!

If your a regular follower I  am sure you've wondered what the 
heck is up with all the book reviews.   I know I promised no or few book reviews here.  And I am keeping my word after today.
I mistakenly published one of my reviews here this morning and didn't realize till this afternoon! 

And then on the other one some how the tour and I both goofed and assigned it here!

It has been a crazy few days for me straightening out my calendar!

And, The Cowboy has been home all day!  And he'll be home all day tomorrow and the next day and on and on.  

It was over 10 years ago he began working in ministry and quit 
his corporate job.  So he was semi-retired but mostly gone. 

And then there were financial struggles with the ministry and 5 years ago he started working again.  

Well now finally he is able to really retire.  He will only be 
working on Saturdays.  

And now he's under foot. So we have this whole getting used to being around each other thing going on all over again!  LOL.  

I planned to work on the blog this morning after sleeping a little late because we had a super busy weekend.  And when I came into my craft room where the lap top is he was sitting in my chair 
working on taxes.  

So my posts were all late.  And they were all messed up because I messed up my calendar so it has been a crazy day!

And there is no post written for tomorrow!  And so just when I thought that I was all back to normal and could leave you something interesting and witty I am stuck and in a rut.  

Because my mind is on over load. 

So whether you read this on Monday evening or Tuesday morning 
I want to leave you with a promise I'll be back to normal as normal as  I can be. 
Until then I wish you Sweet Blessings!
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Have a Good Week!

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