Saturday, March 3, 2018

Happy Homemaker In Texas

Each week I join Sandra at Family Corner for her party
Happy Homemaker 
Sandra provides the prompts-I add a few of my own

The Weather
 Spring time in Texas it doesn't get any better! Gorgeous sun.
And no rain.  At least for now.  We can either need a boat or a fan.  It's always fun!

Right Now I  Am
 Listening to the Cowboy download music for church tomorrow.
I get a sneak peek ☺
Wanna a peek?
A little Crowdar his fairly new one Forgiven.  
A little B-Shoc. a good rapper
Some Tim Hawkins
Just to let you know if case you can't figure this out. My husband is the Chaplain at a boys prison.  They are 13-18 our music is a little out there!

On my reading pile
 The same pile from last week.  I need to get on these.  
You might like His Risk by Shelley Shepard Gray

In the kitchen
I started a new series called Sunday Supper.  Tomorrow 
I am writing about Church Ladies Cookbooks.  I have a big collection that I will share.  Randomly while I was writing this post I decided to see what I could find on Pinterest.  Wow.  There are tons of pins.  
This one caught my eye because my son and his family live in Missour!
"The Missouri Cook Book" By The Ladies Of The Baptist Church (1887) Published By Farris, Smith & Company
On the menu
A new plan the Cowboy helped me plan the menu this week!
Monday-Ribs, One Potato Salad, Pintos
Tuesday-Beef Enchiladas, Rice maybe some Guac if I can find good Avocados
Wednesday- Tuna Casserole w/ Peas, Salad and Bread
Thursday-Pork Tenderloin, Stuffing, Green Beans
Friday- Leftovers or whatever we can dig out or find on sale. It's always a surprise!

Last weeks menu-What Worked-What Didn't
Everything worked but I didn't keep up with the menu. 
Starting with my planned menu . . . 
Monday-cup of leftover gumbo from the weekend
                    Hamburgers and a few fries
 My fault I forgot we were suppose to take the MIL to Cracker Barrel  
It really was a yummy meal and a huge blessing because I had a long hard day at work                  

Tuesday- Taco Tuesday
We did have the burgers and fries we planned for last night

Wednesday- Sounds like a good night for chicken
Again off track.  Pizza tonight because we bought dough at Trader Joe's on Monday and have to cook it!
Updated Saturday.  Pizza was a disaster.  The dough didn't cook properly and I spilled it in the oven.  We were so hungry waiting so long for it that we pulled it out after the fire was over.
I guess you could call it brick oven pizza!  No photo's it wasn't pretty.
Thursday -kid friendly Pizza (make your own) No kid he was sick.
Planning on pushing Tacos to tonight.  Have to use up leftover lettuce from 
Friday- Steak,baked potatoes and salad
I have the steak in the freezer, potatoes on the shelf and salad is easily picked up on the way home from work.  Maybe 1 out of 5 this week!

In the garden
Everything came out of the greenhouse today.  At least for awhile.
I did put the peas in the ground.  And I planted Impatiens and Zinnia's. 
I have the bed prepared for the green beans.  A few changes to the plot/plan I'll share in another post.  I was able to spend the day 
outside and watched the sun leave shady areas.   

Something fun to share
A free book from the author.  I have not read it but this one sounds good.  Click here to visit my book review blog and learn more. 

A new blog to share
Going Places, Doing Things
I would love a camper.  This is a super cool blog.  Check it out
over here.

On the to do list
 I need to clean up the computer again.  Delete files.
Make a trellis out of sticks for Morning Glories and Sweet Peas
Working on a super fast quilt project in between being outside
Make time to scripture journal

My Ta Da List
 Not much other than I got a couple new beds prepared 
and the Zinnia's and Inpatients planted.

A new linky party
For our home school families.  A linky party.  Click here.
All my grands are home schooled this speaks to me. 

In the craft basket
 Quilt in progress.  Planning on buying yarn this week for a 
Gingham crochet blanket

Fabulous Features  Have you visit my Fabulous Party? 
It's Fabulous because you can link any time any day.  No trying to figure out when the party starts.  The party goes Sunday to Sunday.
Here are the features . . .  

How to Make a Wooden Computer Case for a Garage Computer
To cool not to share.  Ash and Eileen built their own computer.
Click here to read the Fabulous post!
Another really cool one.  Click here.

Available here.

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