Saturday, March 10, 2018

Happy Homemaker in Texas

The Weather
The weather man says a couple cooler mornings Mon. and Tues. 
38 and 36
Our days always warm up to the upper 70's.
Might even have some 80's!

Right Now I  am
Thinking it's time to plant!

On my reading pile
One my phone
You Can Lead a Horse To Murder by Tara Meyers
Killer Tied by Lesley Diehl 
Cinco de Murder by Rebecca Adler

In the kitchen
New nesting mixing bowls.  I got from a client who is clearing out her kitchen and getting all new!
A mini Cuisinart chopper.
A grill pan.  Yea me.  I have wanted a grill pan forever.  It works so great!

On the menu
Monday- Hamburgers, Pasta Salad w/Corn,Tomato's and Tortellini
Tuesday- Swiss Steak, Mashed Potato's, Green Beans
Wednesday- Chicken Thighs hoping to find a Chinese recipe, Rice and Spring Rolls
Thursday- Pot Roast, Potatoes and Carrots
Friday-Fettuccine Alfredo with Shrimp, Caesar Salad, Bread

Last weeks menu/What Worked What Didn't
Monday-Ribs, One Potato Salad, Pintos ✔
Tuesday-Beef Enchiladas, Rice maybe some Guac if I can find good Avocados
No clue what we had!  I forgot to buy the tortillas!
Wednesday- Tuna Casserole w/ Peas, Salad and Bread 
Thursday-Pork Tenderloin, Stuffing, Green Beans 

Friday- Leftovers or whatever we can dig out or find on sale. It's always a surprise!
Finally made the enchilada's and they were amazing! Made Spanish rice and refried beans. 

Looks like a week I did all I planned. That's one for my Ta Da List!

In the garden
The potatoes are growing!
Inpatients and Zinnia's are sprouting.
I am not sure how many of the first planting of Pansy's from seeds are going to make it. 
The second egg carton I am letting grow a little more before setting out.
Lettuce has leaves.  The Kale or Swiss Chard I forget which one 
has bigger leaves now. 
Green peas that I transplanted are growing.  I direct sowed some seeds but they are not sprouting. 
And last I planted Morning Glories on the fence and made my own trellis. 
Planted Sunflower seeds

Something fun to share
Image result for shelter uses old chairs for dogs Image result for shelter uses old chairs for dogs
I thought thought this was so cool.  This shelter uses old chairs for the dogs! 

A new blog to share
Certainly not a new blog but maybe you haven't found 
Debbie-Dabble.  In this post she shares her lovely tea pot 
I have recently become a lover of tea pots and cups!  Click here
to visit the post. 

On the to do list
Disassemble chair to use wood for trellis'
Finish Spring Mantel
Continue working on quilts

My Ta Da List
Stayed on track on the menu last week.   5 Stars for me!
Made a trellis for a flower bed out of  wood from a chair!
Started a Sunflower house!

In the craft basket
Working on a scrap quilt for the wedding we will be covering 
bales of hay for the Barn Wedding. 
Invitations went out this week for the May 6th wedding!

Fabulous Features

Click here

spring wreaths
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From the camera
Waiting on dinner

Scripture Art Ladybug Inspirational Bible Verse print
Available here
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Sandra @ Family Corner for Happy Homemaker Monday
The Fabulous Party
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