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Happy Homemaker In Texas

I am a Happy Homemaker in Texas

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on Monday
Sandra provides the prompts.  
I add a few of my own
The Weather
 More gorgeous springtime weather.  A bit of rain every now and again and then beautiful sunshine.

Right now I am
 Listening to baseball practice outside my window.  We live across from a school.  It's Saturday morning and the area around the football field is filled with parents watching the kids practice.

On my reading pile
I got these in the mail this week.  The last books for the Litfuse tours.  Litfuse is no longer doing book tours.  So as I've said before there will be very few reviews here. 
By Fall I will only be sharing books that I really think you might 
Visit my review blog to see all the books I read and a few 
I introduce or spotlight.  Click here to visit blog. 

In the kitchen
Balsamic, Honey Roasted Cabbage Steaks
I want to try these.  Maybe next week.  Here's the recipe.

On the menu This week I hope to keep it super simple.  We are having a speciel dinner on Sunday. 

The guests are our daughter and future Son in Love to celebrate their bdays.  Since they don't get to come over often I want it to be super special.   That's means a clean kitchen!

Monday Cup of  Clam Chowder, Shrimp/Pasta Bread and Salad
Tuesday Pork (need a simpe recipe) Rice, Salad
Wednesday Pot Roast, Potatoe's and Carrots
Thursday Swiss Enchilada's (casserole it is super easy and yummy) Salad
Friday Leftovers

Last week's menu
 Monday- Leftover Lasagne w/ side of Spinach Alfredo, Salad
Tuesday- Mom's Fried Rice, Salad 
Wednesday- Baked Cod, Coleslaw, Long Grain Wild Rice
Thursday-Beef Stroganoff w/ Noodles, Green Beans, Salad
Pinto's and Corn Bread
Friday- Teriyaki Chicken Lettuce Wraps, Egg Rolls, Soup
Rottisiere Kielbasa, Turkey Breast, Pinto Bean's and Califlower
Wierd combo I know but what do you cook with Califflower?
Overall I guess I did o.k.  I have no idea what we ate Wednesday. 
And I have no idea why the Cowboy decided to make pinto's after we just had them last week but he cooked.  I relaxed!  That's a win, win and a ✔ for me!

In the garden
I got corn in and another round of green beans.
I am happy to say the Cilantro I planted early is growing.  I was surprised and super excited.  I had given up on it.  
I planted a new row of Cilantro, Basil and Sunflowers around the 2nd row of tomatoes. When I was finished I thought about checking that first row and to my surprise it was growing!  I thought it was weeds but it was my Cilantro!
I planted the final planting of potatoes.  I tried some in between two pallets.  We'll see how it works!
The Sunflowers and Green beans for my grandsons Sunflower 
house are popping up.  Even after the mover went over a corner 
and the dog got too close! There is this big 'ole footprint right in the corner!

Something fun to share
 Create a laundry room shelf to hide wires and cords for less than $20!
I saw this on Pinterest this morning.  I just thought it was super
clever.  I don't know why I never thought of it.  I am a much
better copy cat!  I have said that when my used Maytag gives out I want a front load washer so I could have a shelf on top!  Now I will have to think about that!  Buying a cheaper top load model and adding a shelf well that's just frugal.  The Cowboy should like that!  And besides I bet my Maytag doesn't give up!

A new blog to share
I've been visiting Marci for awhile she has a fun blog. 
I love her name Stone Cottage Adventures. She has a link party too. Click here to visit.

A linky party to feature
I have been acquainted with the parties at Christina's  for awhile.  She has several.  Click here
   Amanda’s Books and More

On the to do list
Finish the menu plan for Sunday
Clean, Clean, Clean
Decide on linens.  Iron, iron, iron 
Decide on dishes, flatware and glasses
Make this . . . 
Two of her favorites.  Cheesecake and Funfetti Cake!

My Ta Da List
 No 'Ta Da's again.  Do you have a 'Ta Da moment this week?

In the craft basket
In between working on quilt throws to cover hay at the 
wedding.  #We'rePlanningABarnWedding  I have been cutting up scraps.  My bin (on left) was overflowing when I started a couple of weeks ago!

Fabulous Features
 All it takes is a bit of planning and a lot of FUN to create a kids cooking camp at home. Head on over to to get all the details and get started today! #kids #summeractivities #cooking #pdpcooks #pdpkids
Love this.  Secretly I would love to do this with the grands.
Click here to see the post. 

Lovely Spring Printables compliments of Carol at 
Comfort Spring Station.  Click here to visit. 

From the camera 

Devo./ Scripture
2 Corinthians 5:21 - For Him Who Knew No Sin

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