Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Menu Plan That Didn't Work-The Post Filled w/ But's & And's

But I thought it was just Oh So Yummy.  Exactly what I wanted!
I couldn't get the Cowboy to even take a bite.  His loss.  
Now I have leftovers.  

O.K. so I only took 1 pic and I was so starving and ready to eat this yummy dinner that I didn't take time to make it even look pretty. 

And yes the potato's are thick but that is because I was too lazy to make powdered milk (we rarely have fresh milk in the house) so I used whipping cream. (had it for the Fettuccine Alfredo for tonight)  The potatoes didn't look great but they tasted fine though.

And I know there are no green beans or broccoli or salad. 

But at that point since The Cowboy wasn't eating any of this and was having a bowl of this . . .
Stew the only left over bowl from Sunday night.  And it was 
very good too.  The Chili Relleno's were o.k. but that was because I used some old grease.  Totally my fault. 
I was a little frustrated about the whole episode so I pouted and didn't cook anything green!
Getting back to last nights dinner.  It was a yummy and nostalgic
moment for me.  Brought me back to when I was a little kid.  
I am the youngest of three.  10 years between my brother and I.
12 between my sister and I. My sister lives in Washington state.
I don't get to see her often. 

I couldn't remember exactly how mother made Swiss Steak so I did what we do now a days
Image result for grandma texting
I texted my Sissy
And no that's not me. But I do do that with my glasses.
And my sister probably did the same thing with her glasses
texted me back to . . . 
Call her
Image result for 70's girls on phone

 And so we chatted.  
We talked about what we remembered from waaaay back in the day and how our mother made Swiss Steak.
Image result for blog post dividers

And so even though I didn't get to share my yummy Fabulous 
Swiss Steak with thick potatoes with The Cowboy he was just 
as happy to eat the last bowl of stew!

Did you mama make Swiss Steak?

I am going now to eat leftovers!
Have a great day!

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