Friday, March 2, 2018

Pansy's In The Garden

 Today it is a beautiful day in Texas
The sun is 
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The birds are 
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My garden is calling my name.  But before I go out I wanted to share how the Pansy's are growing!
I have 3 different pots.  This one is purple and yellow.
It is on the north corner window.

This pot sits on a little white vintage stool.
You can barely see the edge of the stool.
You didn't notice the floor did you.  I forgot to sweep.
This is a bigger pot.  It is next to the smaller one on the north facing window.  This is a bigger pot with white, yellow and purple.
The pansy's are planted with a small leaf ivy that a client gave to me.  She was digging it out of a pot and was going to throw away!
A close up.  I had to laugh at myself.  Sorry this is blurry.
The bloom was facing the window and I was leaning over turning my camera around to get the shot. 
I didn't think about turning the pot!

Pamsys Mon     
The shot on the left was taken on Monday
The right was taken this morning.
They are growing and ready to go outside!
More seedlings ready to go into the garden.
The peas are past ready to go into the garden.
I have a little helper it seems!

I have lots more to show you but the garden is calling.
I hope your day is wonderfully Blessed 
and filled with Sunshine.
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