Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thankfully Thriving

Hello Sunshine . . .
Today I opened my eyes and this is the first thing I saw

I smiled. I thanked God for the sunshine.  And I remembered it is Thursday!  And I began to make a mental list of what I am thankful for today.  Do you have a list?

Today I am thankful for

I love waking up to Sunshine

Especially in the middle of winter? 

In the morning when I take Daisy out I look for the sunniest spot.  It is always warmer in the sun.  While she does her doggie thing sniffing around and getting distracted watching squirrels run through the trees I enjoy being in the sun. 

The beautiful bright sunshine reminds me spring is not too far away.  Even if there is a sprinkling of snow on the ground.  I love days when I can go out without a coat. 

On Monday the little stream on the edge of our property had a thin layer of ice.  I wished I had the camera it was so pretty to look at. 

Yesterday as we walked through the field I saw a lone dandelion flower peerking out of the grass. 

Another reminder of Spring around the corner. 

I love sunshine.  (except maybe in August and September) And I am Thankful. 

And I am Thankful for you. 

My friends that stop in and leave sweet words.  My friends that email me and encourage me like I want to encourage you. 

I hope that I am Little Miss Sunshine to you.  

Do you need a little Sunshine today?  Just to let you know . . .
you are sunshine to me.
Did you happen to see my post How to Say I Love You?  I thought maybe you needed a little more encouragement today.  Before you visit the linkies below why not stay here a little longer and read my post here.

Enjoying the Journey . . .


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