Sunday, January 20, 2013

Blue Monday I Need a Nap

How was your weekend?  Mind was wonderful.  I am Happy to be waking to a beautiful
Blue Monday.....But my weekend was busy and I am thinking I need a nap . . .

aqua AND ruffles. it's perfection.
So I was thinking a nice soft Blue bed....but this one is toooo ruffly!

so fresh and lovely.

Ohh no too hard . . . I feel like Goldilock's!

I love the color!

Beautiful Blue room but still not the perfect bed . . .

Gary Riggs

Now this looks really comfy but, I am afraid I would sleep the day away... Maybe that firm hard bed is a a better choice after all. 

Turquoise Bed - Love the color and shape.

               Source maybe this would work.  But maybe just a little cat nap is a better idea.
Or maybe just a few minutes in my fuzzy slippers in a soft chair would work . . .

hmmm looks comfy but still not it....

Now I am getting somewhere.   Blue velvety...but something is still missing.
Daydreams - Free Quilt Pattern

Ahhhh....perfect. That was it.  The quilt that was what was missing.  So now I can curl up in this amazing Blue chair and just put my feet up on that little stool and dream of a lovely sunset . . .


And some beautiful Blue ocean waves and just sigh...I have to say I wish I was there!

Sigh . . .
On a Beautiful Journey in Blue. . .


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