Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Wednesday Filled With Words

I was thinking of the words to write today. The first Wednesday of the New Year. When I think of this year I think of the doors that are available to me/ to us.

Doors that may be in our paths to open or keep closed.

Doors that hold opporutnity . . .

Doors that may hold questions . . . Doors that you wonder what is behind. 

I wonder what is behind this door.  I don't often see yellow doors.  This one beckons me. 

Doors that represent confusion, or chaos or questions . . .

And there are those doors that remain locked.  That remain closed.  That you want to open but it just isn't time. 

And you wonder . . .

You ponder will it ever be time? 

2013 will be filled with many doors.  Many opportunities. 
Many challenges.   And New Beginnings . . .

May your year be filled with new beginnings, new opportunities and many open doors . . .

And I ponder what new things will come along The Journey
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