Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wordfilled Wednesday Filled With Words

Welcome to Wordfilled Wednesday. A day filled with wonderfully photo illustrated verses at Internet Cafe Devotions. (the link follows this post)

I posted this one once before but this particular verse has been a topic of conversation around the little cottage this week . . .

. . . and sup with him and he with me. Revelation 3:20 KJV

I learned this one way back in the day when I was in GA's Girls Auxilary.  This was a missions program of the Baptist Church.  We studied missions and missionaries.  It was set up as a program that girls went through and did 'steps' to achieve different levels.  I studied hard and learned alot.  I met my goals.  But I have to admit my goals were extremely self centered.  My hard work wasn't done to serve my Father in as much as it was to fill my own need. 

But I did come away with some scripture memorized and I did some community service projects that I am sure helped some people at the time.  And it kept me involved in what was going on at the church.  I didn't get side tracked in things around school and people that I shouldn't hang out with. 

The discussion around here this week about this verse is  . . .

What is it actually talking about?  Have you heard this question before?
some people use this verse as a part of sharing the gospel. Along with verses in Romans.
(The Roman Road) Is it referring to opening your heart (the door)for the first time to accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. 


Is it talking about opening the door of your heart to allowing Jesus to work inside you. Inside your house.
Is it asking . . .

Do you allow Jesus in even a little?  Or is he the master of the house? Is he on the porch or maybe stuck in the entryhall waiting to come on in and join you?

So I'm wondering today what do you think?   

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Joyfull said...

I love this verse! Growing up in a Baptist church, this was always used as an evangelistic verse, but as a Christian, a very realistic question is, are we opening our whole heart to Him. Love your post and the encouragement to open up the door of my heart to Him!

Denise said...

Awesome post.