Thursday, January 31, 2013

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This is sooooo true today.  It has been a bit crazy for me here today.  I guess in all my moving things around here on the blog I accidentally lost all my followers.  You guys were MIA for a few hours.  

But with help from Denise at Shorty Bears Place and a couple of others I managed to fix what I broke.   And now my followers are all back and accounted for. 

I had a couple friends that emailed.  And some others that began praying for me and my circumstance. 

Just seeing the outpouring of love from you guys just has made my day! 

 And made me Smile.

It reminds me why I keep on doing this thing called blogging. 

Even on the days when I am not sure if there is a reason for what I am doing here I always stop and remind myself that there is a reason. 

Maybe there is someone out there that needs to be reminded that someone cares. 

If you need that reminder today please turn your worries and your hurts over to God and he will show you He cares.  


Yes  my Friends are in my computer.  And they show me they care.
They remind me that Jesus Loves Me. 

And because He loves me they love me too. 

Loving The Journey . . .


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Denise said...

Will always love you, care about you, and pray for you my friend.