Monday, October 22, 2018

What's For Dinner-Menu Plan Monday

Maybe I should have called this 'Who's Coming For Dinner?'
I was looking for images to share with my post and fell in love with this one.  That could so be my family.   
Have you seen the amazing photo's of formal dinners in a barn?
One day I'll have to share a few but for today I am sharing my menu for the week. 
Have you planned a menu?
We went shopping and bought some meat.  Our freezer was almost bar!  Got some ground beef, chicken and some fish.  Here's the menu.

Monday - Chili Stew from leftover Chili from weekend
Tuesday - Baked Cod, Fried Shrimp and Cole Slaw
Wednesday - They call it Fried Rice.  My M.I.L.'s recipe
Thursday -  Smoked Chicken, Mac & Cheese, Green Beans
Friday - Chicken Lettuce Wraps leftover Rice, Egg Drop Soup

This week it's going to be a super easy week.   These dishes just sounded good.  We haven't had in a while.  I am hungry thinking about it!

Have A Wonderful Week!

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