Tuesday, October 9, 2018

1 Year ago today--Then and Now

I wrote on Facebook 

Dog Collar-check ✔
Dog leash-check 
Need to find bowls and bed before she comes home

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They called her Sadie.  She didn't know her name so for a week 
we tried and tried ideas.  
How about Lucy? Nah
Penny?  Hmm.  Nope
Dot? NO!
Maybe Lucy?  Lucy is nice.  Reminds me of Peanuts. 

And then it happened.  I was letting her outside and she was walking in front of me and I looked at her rump.  Yes she is named after her rump.  HeHe. Sort of.  
     I thought Black dots!

I mentioned it to the Cowboy he said 'Cool'.  I spoke to her and she immediately answered.  

She must have been Domino all along!
Happy 1 year Anniversary-Birthday

We love you Domino!

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