Friday, October 19, 2018

Have A Good Night-A Lazy Rainy Night

I am playing around on the tablet again.  We are having a lazy night at home. Listening to the rain and watching aPBS show about the circus

When was the last time you went to a circus?

We were talking when our last time was. The Cowboy couldn't remember.  But I did.

It was a small circus in Potosi, Mo.

What is your favorite circus animal?

Ours is the elephants.

I haven't learned yet how to search for photos.  I wanted to add some pics of elephants.

I can only add pics from my blog.  So I still have alot to learn on using this tablet.

Did you know there is a circus museum in San Antonio,Texas? It is a funplace to visit.

So we are watching t.v and enjoying some fun memories.

What are you doing tonight?

I will be back tomorrow with my Happy Homemakr post written on the omputer with photos!

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