Friday, October 19, 2018

The Story Behind The Photo

Hello I am glad your here today.  I am a bit sad because  I don't know if you've been here because for some reason I cannot open 
comments.  I have tried for two weeks to fix.  I have sent feedback several times and no help. So if you've made a comment I did not respond to please forgive.
If you know how to fix it email me please!
And now on to the story about this photo!
Isn't he cute?  I think so.  This is actually a pin that my mother 
wore.  She loved pins.  This little guy has a stone as you 
can see.  I've taken him out of her jewelry box of costume treasures and he is sitting for now on my desk where the computer 
is.  I set him on the calendar to take this pic. so I could share him with you.  I placed him on Friday so I could share the story today.

Believe it or not that day is the only one the entire month that is 
blank.  I have had a busy month of reviews and book related happenings.  This is the calendar I use to keep track of the books that I am on tour with.  

I haven't been doing very many reviews here on My Journey Back recently.  I've try to keep this blog encouraging with posts that I hope you enjoy and mean something.  

Shrugging my shoulders I am thinking I don't even know which posts you like and which ones don't hit the mark!  

I sure hope I get this problem fixed soon.  I miss you even though 
you've been here!

So thanks for stopping by.  Have a wonderful Friday!

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