Saturday, October 27, 2018

Happy Homemaker in Texas

Today is Saturday and that means Happy Homemaker
I link my post on Monday over at Family Corner
The weather
We've a had a few days of sunshine.  Yea.  Not much rain in the forecast.  Just sunny fall weather mostly 70's low 80's.  Fall 
is so nice in Texas. 

On the breakfast plate
I think I'll scramble an egg to go with some fruit. I have 
blackberries and green grapes in the fridge. 

What I'm wearing 
Jeans and a ragged t-shirt will be going outside soon and do some 
work on beds, moving more rock.  I've decided to put rock in the front bed and just a couple plants.  I tend to let it go. 

On the reading pile
Wreath Between the Lines  Picture
This weeks menu

Monday-One Potato Two Potato Soup, BLT's
Tuesday- Taco Tuesday
Wednesday Beef Stroganoff, Noodles, Green Beans
Thursday - Ham, Navy Beans, Fried Okra
Friday- Pasta Primavera, Salad

Last Week's Menu
I never did get a menu done but this is what we ate.
Monday- Don't remember
Tuesday-Went to M.I.L.'s but didn't stay for dinner stopped 
and got a 7.99 pizza at Domino's.  It was nice for a change.
Wednesday -Hamburgers, Potato Skins
Thursday- Bacon Carbonara.  The recipe is here.  It was so good.
Friday -Grilled Cod, Fried Shrimp, Twice Baked Potatoes.
I had bought cabbage for slaw and never did make it!

Today's To Do List
Go to hardware store
Buy Pansy's
Laundry/clean house
Read and maybe some crochet
Finish 'Falling Up' the greenhouse room

My 'Ta Da' Moment
Brought my new painted white shelf in from outside.  It was lot heavier than I thought.  Actually I drug it through the wet yard. 
Later the Cowboy wondered what the tracks were!  It looks so 

Fabulous Party Feature

A great post over at Dona's on blended families.  Check this one out over here

Loved this one.  A mom oasis.  We all need one! Read it here
The Fabulous Party run every week, all week.  You can link anytime over at Our Holiday Journey.

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The party will be back here on Sunday November 4th 

A few garden plans

I bought a couple small mums the other day at Walmart.  I like 
the smaller ones.  I'll leave them in the greenhouse for a bit then 
plant outside. 
I will be picking up bulbs and getting them out. I want to add to my flower garden for next year. 
The Zinnias are still making me smile. 

These all came up from the earlier planting.  I didn't dead head or cut any blooms I was hoping they would go to seed.  There are some tiny ones.  Maybe they will bloom before it gets to cold. 
I plan to plant 2x's next spring what I did this year.  The butterflies have found my garden. 

From the camera
Poinsettia's from last Christmas.  Two small $1.00 ones I bought at the grocery store.  I wonder if the color change on the leaves is the start of changing to red?    Just like Walmart I have Halloween Pumpkins and Christmas Poinsettia.

He leads me beside still waters

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