Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Tuesday This/That

Hello.  Welcome to a late post.  I thinking about this post and was 
going to write it on the Tablet and practice a bit but it needed to 
be charged! 
That's how I roll; always needing to charge something or put gas in!
It's usually me needing the charging!
Things are slowing down a bit for me.  But I've got tons of chores around the house to catch up on.  Our mothers are both just rocking along as well as they can be.  The each have different illnesses. 

 Mainly both need something to do.   They are bored and lonely and have no desires to change their circumstances.  I am working hard with my mother to encourage her to go to activities at her new residence. 
She is in a very nice skilled nursing center.  They don't use the old term of nursing home.   Friends and family ask me alot how is she doing?  They are really asking 'Is she better?'  She won't get better.  
She is 93 with congestive heart failure and she is mad.  I encourage
but she isn't real open to anything.  

I/we; the Cowboy and I think my exhaustion stems from dealing with both moms.  I hope that is the case.  
Since things are settling down I am trying to get back to posting more regularly.  
I am also trying to make menus for our dinner and sticking to them.
And I am trying to cook more. 
And I have decided to do something new here on the blog.  Starting 
next Tuesday I will be featuring a recipe from a book that I've read recently.  Most of you know I read all the time.  I mainly read cozy 
mysteries.  I post reviews over on another blog My Reading Journey.  I would love a visit! Click here leave me a comment please.  
I've tried the last few months not to post alot of reviews here 
at My Journey Back.  And I will still post most of my reviews over at My Reading Journey but I'll be choosing a few books to feature here.  
I am planning on getting back to making plans for traveling and I'll be posting about places we want to visit someday. 
So that's a little This and a little That and a few plans.  I hope you'll be a regular visitor and leave me a comment too.  I love to know you've been here.  About that.  I still can't read comments on my computer but I can read them on my phone.  I am clueless what is up with that.  Blogger is well it's blogger!  

Tomorrow is Wordless Wednesday come over and see a post with no words!
Good Night sister and all,have a restful sleep,God bless,xxx ❤❤❤✨✨✨

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