Saturday, October 20, 2018

Happy Homemaker In Texas

Welcome to my late post.  Today I've been nesting/decorating.  
I love to decorate for Fall.
Do you? 
Well let's get on with Happy Homemaker
Joining Sandra

The weather
I see sunshine.  Haven't seen it in seems forever.  But it's shining 
and there are butterflies in the garden!  I have no idea what the 
week holds I am just happy for today!  
How's your weather?

On the breakfast plate
Skipped breakfast today.  Well I did eat a couple pieces of bacon that I cooked in oven last night to render the fat. 
For lunch I had a warm bowl of homemade Hamburger Soup.  Yum.

What I am wearing
hopes it's not TMI.  Still wearing red plaid p.j. pants and a cami. 
Been working hard moving things around.  P.J.'s are comfy for 
all the work I've been doing today. 

On my reading pile.
Today I'll be finishing up . . 
It's a good cozy read.  Perfect for any audience.  I enjoy this series. 
I'll be reviewing it in a few weeks. 
I'll be reading next to review this week. 
Wreath Between the Lines
A favorite author.  My first time to read this series.  
Another great cozy to read. 

What I am thinking
I am glad the weather is so nice and I am getting so much done.
I'll have to stop and take pics soon!

Things that are annoying me now.  Things that are still annoying me!
A new prompt of my own because I am annoyed.
For some reason.  I cannot read the comments that people leave on my blog.  I click on them and nothing happens.  I can't moderate 
either.  I sent feedback to blogger.  I hope they fix it.  If you see spam on my blog(s) please ignore it!
Apparently feed back doesn't mean you get help. 
If you know how to fix this I would love the help.

This weeks menu
Haven't even thought of a menu yet.  I'll add later!

Fabulous Party Features

This one looked so good shared by The Bearded Hiker
Click here to read the post. 

And a yummy festive drink
I think I'll try before the holidays.  Click here for the recipe/post.

From the camera
We had a great dinner last night.  The Cowboy found lobster on sale.  We shared a huge T-bone and he enjoyed some lobster. 
I ate steak, tomatoes and onion rings.  Would have loved to have 
some of the lobster but it does really, really bad things to me!

Have a blessed Sunday! ❤️

Have a Blessed Sunday
A Wonderful Week

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