Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The New Journey-An Update-R.V. Shopping

A few days ago I mentioned we are preparing to live on the road 
in an R.V. 
We went shopping . . . 
The Cowboy didn't want his picture taken.  It's his back he didn't know.  

We looked at several one day.  This is the one we liked best.
I liked the light wood and the tile.

I loved the idea of the slide out counter to give me more space.

I wasn't sold on this fridge.  But at least it's a somewhat new model and not a top freezer like we have now which I hate.

The Cowboy liked that it was rather large and had an ice maker. 
We like ice. 

I loved the upholstery on the kitchen chairs.  There are 4 chairs.
I love paisley and it is so light I love that. 

I was impressed the light fixtures had an updated feel. 

This was The Cowboys favorite part.  I don't quite get his fascination with wanting a washer/dryer combo.  And I don't even understand how they work.  

This was our favorite of the day.

The next one I loved.  It was out of our price range and it was smaller but there were things about it that I loved.  It was way more like a house than an R.V. 

Look at this living area!

I never dreamed of finding an L shape couch.  And if you look there is a lot of wall space for pictures.  
I didn't get a shot but the other side has a 55"  flat screen that is 
powered up and down into the wall when it isn't being used. 
The negative is it is where the table is so you can't really sit at the table and eat and watch t.v. at the same time.  
But why should you?

Another thing I love was this . . . 
Love the fridge! And very nice updated counters and tile. Most 
of the newer models have convection ovens.  

We looked at several coaches.  We looked at a couple that were the size The Cowboy (thinks) we want HeHe.  A couple that were waaaay older than we want I didn't take pics.  One actually had carpet on the ceiling.  Wierd!  The wood was dark and the upholstery was grey and pink.   So no pics to share cuz I just thought they were gross.  

Basically we are looking at 40' diesel Motor Homes.  We're not 
so much like those couples on the house hunter shows
He wants a ranch.  She wants a craftsman
He wan'ts a fixer up. She wants turnkey

But we do differ on do we really need 40'.  Isn't 36' o.k?

Do we really need spaces to sleep 6 or 8?  We only expect 
the kids and grand kids a few times a year.  

But the Cowboy really wants lots of sleeping space so we have an appointment on Monday to see a couch that has bunks.  I am 
actually excited because in the pics it looks more Western style.
The style we like.  

He has done much more research than I have  and checks out all the mechanical stuff.

One thing we didn't know is the diesel coaches need to stay plugged in.  If they aren't plugged in they get all wonky.  I don't remember everything the salesman said about it.   I was fascinated how in the sales lot they are all lined up and plugged in. 

We both knew to check the tires.  We had read in our research that it isn't about the tread it is about the age.  The salesman showed 
the Cowboy how to check the age.  R.V.'s tires should not be older than 6 years I think...again I didn't listen real well!  Opps.

We had  beautiful weather the afternoon we went shopping and 
we have lots and lots to think about and decide. 

Like how long should this sucker be? And that whole issue of bunk beds.  But we'll see what happens.

I can't wait to get on the road!  I hope you'll enjoy journeying with me. 

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