Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sunday Supper-Fun With The Kids

Welcome back to Sunday Supper.  
The post where we talk about Family Dinners; and what that means now.  
Things have really changed alot for me and I am sure for you.  
Sunday isn't quite what it used to be.  Back in the day folks seemed to gather around the table more.  

Now a days it seems to get harder and harder.  But I hope that at some point in time during the week maybe it isn't even on Sunday 
that you can manage to have a family meal. 

Today I am sharing a simple idea to do with  the kids. 

Kids really do love to help in the kitchen.  Here we are preparing 
cucumbers from my garden (last year)  He wasn't using the knife this time yet.  That came along about 6 months later. 

A fun Sunday Supper meal is Pizza.  Especially if you make your own 

Smashing dough is super fun.  Make sure hands are washed with hot water and soap!  Yes you do have to specify hot water and soap!

Adding as much cheese you want makes it extra special.

Perfecto!  A personal pizza.  And he ate every bite!
Sunday Supper might be a great night to try something new.  Most 
times when kids help make a dish they are waaaaaay more interested in eating it!  
Cooking with Kids
a great idea for 
Sunday Supper!

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