Saturday, April 14, 2018

One Of Those Weeks

I don't know how it happens.  But I just feel like I am 
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And I am!
I was hoping today would be . . . 

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But alas it's not.  And so there is no real post today.  Nor was there one on Friday.  Or Thursday.  Or Wednesday . . . well 
actually since last Saturday I think. 
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Keep Calm.  That sounds good.  So I guess I'll just stay calm and catch  you up on what's been going on. 

So during the week I visited some friends . . .
Have you met Molly the Aire Girl?  Her week started not too great because the big 'ole mean vacuum came out.  She hid in the tub
where it was 'Safe'.  Click here to read her post.  By Friday all was better and she got to go on a fun 'walkie' and she shared some of the beautiful flowers she saw.  
 Click here to read her post. 

I made a new friend.  Katie at Sweet Home Life. Katie shared a post at The Fabulous Party and lured me over to meet her at 
her blog.  Click here to visit Katie.  Click here to visit the 
Fabulous Party.  
  The link up is also here at My Journey Back on Sundays.  Link up at either blog.  You can link any day!

And then while I was visiting blogs I played a game on the Kindle.
I was totally multi tasking because my computer loads soooooo
very sloooooow.

I spent hours trying to fix my phone because it decided to stop letting me open books that were on it that I need to read for reviews. 

I have to say that is probably the biggest thing that kept me from 
writing posts!  In the end I have one app working now. 
And I was able to get all the books loaded again.  

I added the Kindle app so I can sync the P.C., the phone and Kindle so I can read the same book on all three.  Just haven't 
figured out how to do that.  

I finished reading these two books for reviews.  
Just sayin' I love print copies.  No figuring out all that techie stuff!
Ice by Lauren Carr one of my favorite Cozy Mystery Authors is touring with I Read Book Tours.  My review is here
Primary Suspect by Laura Scott is touring with Litfuse.  I'll be writing my review here at My Journey Back this week.  

I began putting away the bunnies.  Bye Bye Bunnies.  I need to clear off the mantle because it will be used at the wedding in May.

Speaking of the wedding I want to get my hair cut and I've been looking for ideas.  The only one I could find I really like is this one
Do you think I'll look this cute?  Nah.  I just love Meg Ryan. 
Are you old like me and remember her from As The World Turns.
Yes she started on a soap.  Opps that's a rabbit trail.  But I love rabbits.....
Anyway I wanted layers like this last time.  But the girl that cut my hair just couldn't  'get it'.   I mean hello what part of I don't blow dry my hair straight do you not get.  I know it's the style but first of all I don't have the proper hair brush plus I don't have time! So I gave up and just sat there and let her do her thing.  It looked good just not what I wanted. 
  I think I'll go back over to the place I went years and years ago and have it cut.  They 'get me' there.   But it is expensive and takes forever!  

And I spent some time just enjoying my dog; she makes me smile.
Sometimes she cracks me up.  Like when she looks through a tiny
hole in the fence to see the neighbor dog!  
It is so hard to get a good pic.  Because she is always running and playing with her toys.  I need to figure out how to video.  But part of the problem is if I step outside she stops because she is all about me playing with her.  I loved this pic of her looking at her basket of toys.  She can't quite figure it out.  And I can't quite figure out why my phone did this border!  It's really cool though. 

So well.  That is how my week went.  Did I accomplish anything. 
Not a lot.  But it was a good week.  

I hope your week was Great!  Thanks for stopping in!

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