Sunday, April 15, 2018

Rediscover Sunday Supper

Welcome to Sunday Supper.  A new feature I started a few weeks 
ago.  Each week I share stories and ideas, thoughts and discoveries.  
Each week I've used a different photo that I've found when I 
googled Sunday Supper.  I have also found some really interesting 
sites, programs and fundraising programs with the title. 
Today at the end of the post you'll find the information about the photo below.

Each week as I am writing my post I am thinking what your thoughts, impressions and memories are of Sunday Supper. 

Do you even think about it or care?  Does Sunday Supper bring back memories of family dinners at home? 

By the time I was a teenager we had pretty much done away with Sunday Supper because of church activities. 

When my children were young we had Sunday Supper at our house.  Sunday Supper was just us me, The Cowboy and our two kids.  They were always simple prepared meals.  We called them
Smorgasbord because we would try fun, new and interesting things.  Once we tried making egg rolls.  We are lovers of fried foods and we tried frying all kinds of things.  

Back in the day when our kids were home there were not cell phones.  Yep you guessed it I am that old. Gasp!

Sunday Supper was a meal that we shared together.  We talked.
The Cowboy was typically home on Sundays (he traveled a lot).
So it was a time we spend together.  After our meal we would 
watch a movie together or play a game.  

Sunday Supper was a special time for our family.  

I kind of think we were lucky back then.  No cell phones. 

It's different now.  

I think it's harder for families.  Even if mom stays home sometimes it's hard with all the activities that kids have to find a day during the week to just have a dinner time together.  

One without the phones or electronics.  

I kind of like the idea. 

 I kind of like the idea that Chip & Jo Anna Gaines incorporated
at their new restaurant Magnolia Table.
Image result for magnolia table no cell phones.
No these handle Hello leather pockets are not for menus they are for cell phones. 

Diners are encouraged to hang up the phone.  

Maybe.  Just maybe hanging up the phone is a good thing? 

Maybe turning off the electronics is a way for families to 
Rediscover Sunday Supper.  

What do you think?
About this Sunday Supper program offered by a church in Oregon.

FREE Community Dinner every Sunday from 4 to 6 p.m.
McMinnville Covenant Church offers a FREE supper ministry open to the community. Each Sunday from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. we will serve a healthy meal consisting of a soup or stew, bread and fruit or veggie. This meal is FREE and open to anyone in the community. If you have any questions please contact the church office at (503) 472-9021.

Sunday Supper Mission StatementSeeking God’s heart for our neighborhood 
We offer a warm, nourishing place of hospitality 
Where every person is recognized as a child of God

 This dinner is completely run by volunteers, including cooking, setup and cleanup, serving, and more.
Click here  to visit the site. 

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