Tuesday, April 3, 2018

On The Dinner Plate-They Call it Fried Rice

A couple of weeks ago we had one of the Cowboys favorite suppers his mom cooked. 
They called it Fried Rice
it's not
This is what it is.
Begin with some ground beef.  Yes ground beef.  In Fried Rice?
This is the Cowboys plate.  Complete with saltine crackers. 
Now to me that is just weird.  But that's the way his family ate it! it!
I added the stir fried veggies for a side.  They never had a side!

Begin by steaming some long or medium grain white rice.
I steam mine in the over at 300.  1 cup rice.  2 cups water plus a
little more.  I saute it briefly in the pan first with a little olive oil then add the water.  It cooks in my oven 20 minutes and comes out

And then you start the ground beef.  Cook it up in a skillet with salt and pepper and chopped white onions. 
Drain off the grease and give it a little taste and then you realize you forgot the onions.  Never fear.  I chop them real fine so I can add them now. 
Once the onions are cooked with the beef set the skillet aside.

Clean and rough cut some celery.  Dawng I hate it when my celery starts to go bad.  Need to cook all this up!
   Chop up some garlic.
In a non stick skillet cook the celery and garlic.  The Cowboy 
doesn't like it crunchy so it's cooked well.  Now just dump them out on top of the meat in the first pan.

Peel and chop a carrot and pre cook it. 

At this point now you have your beef and the veggies waiting in the skillet for the last step.
They will sit and rest a few minutes while the side is stir fried 
quickly.  I bought this . . . 
The package contained way more than we needed so I divided it.
I tossed the veggies in the freezer for another meal.  I separated
the carrots out because I don't really like the way the crinkle 
cut carrots cook.  I saved them for Domino.  She will love them boiled and put on top her kibble. 
At this point I set my mixture back on the burner and turned it on low to begin to warm while I stir fried the veggie mix.
First I fried a piece of bacon then added some olive oil to the skillet and stir fried up the veggies. 
I didn't add the sauce that was included because I wasn't sure if we would like it.  I am glad I didn't it was hot!  That surprised me. 
I expected sweet not hot!

Once it was all done I quickly finished of the Not Fried Rice.
Add the rice and then douse the entire thing with Soy Sauce. 
As in more than you think it needs.  That is how they eat it!
This is how my plate started.  
And the way it ended.  The sauce ended up being good but a little goes a long way.  Can you tell I am not a fan of snow peas. 
I did eat 2!

And so that is how Cowboy likes his mom's Fried Rice.  
Give it a try you might like it too! It's a fast a simple and yummy meal!  I'd leave off the crackers!  
Do you eat crackers with Fried Rice?

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