Monday, April 16, 2018

Happy Homemaker In Texas

Hello Welcome to my Happy Homemaker post.  Recently I have been publishing this post on Saturdays.  On Saturday I was a
little under the weather.  So for this week  I am back on Monday
and joining Sandra at Family Corner for . . . 
Sandra provides the prompts.  I add a few of my own.  

The weather
Very pretty weather.  Sunny and in the 70's will be in 80's 
this afternoon.

Outside my window
My yellow rose bush is blooming. So pretty.

I am thinking
I am glad the rose bush is blooming.  I cut it way back in the fall and was worried I killed it!

In the kitchen 
A mess!  The door handle broke on our fridge.  Here's the duh moment it wouldn't open.  I pulled too hard and broke it last night. 
The Cowboy realized we had too much stuff on the door.  
There were only 3 opened bottles on Worcestershire Sauce. 
2 bottles of ketchup.  

On the menu
Nothing really planned.  Winging it this week.  I do have some ideas but not settled on when, will need some produce and a few other things.  
Here's a list of what I hope to cook 
Lasagne/Eggplant Parmesan
Kielbasa/Sausage Grill
Chili Rellenos, rice and beans
Steak, bakers and salad

Last weeks menu...What worked/What didn't
No menu last week just ate out of the freezer

My 'Ta Da' moment
A green tomato! Yea!

On the 'To Do' list
Mix up some bug spray.  Something is eating my Sun Flowers!
Need to get some peppers planted and cucumbers.

In the craft basket
I've decided to re-arrange my sewing/crafting room.  It is a mess. 
Moving a small desk that was my grandsons out of the closet and 
replacing a bigger desk for both of us to use.  We will do our paper 
crafts in the closet so I don't have to switch from sewing to paper
on the other table. 

On my reading pile
My phone is full! Lots of reviews coming up.  It's a busy month. 
Visit me at My Reading Journeys to read the reviews.  
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Fabulous features
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From the camera


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