Monday, April 2, 2018

The New Journey-A New Adventure

I know some of you aren't seeing much sign of spring
So I thought I would give you a little spring

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Enjoy a little spring with my while I share the news about our
new planned adventure.

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I am super excited we are moving forward with a dream that I have had for a very long, long, time.  
If all goes well by October we will be on the road.  
We've been spending the last few weeks talking about motor homes and what we want and need for the lifestyle that works for us. 

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We've been devouring the inter net and reading everything we can find and following blogs and getting information about the living the R.V. lifestyle.

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We think we've done our homework.  And learned a lot not only 
about the equipment but where to actually camp.  

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I was shocked at how expensive R.V. camp grounds can be.
But there are many options.  And many discounts available.

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We've begun our time line and plan to spend October and November on the road.  

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We will be traveling to Central and West Texas visiting some places we've never been. 

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On our frugal budget we are looking for special places that are not real expensive.  Parks are very economical and offer lots of fun things to see and do. 

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I will be using my camera alot!  And, I am getting a new computer
because here's the super Big news.  I am starting a blog.  
I know your thinking I am crazy once again.  

It has been my dream to travel.  See the U.S.  See the sites
and eat at really neat places.  I will blogging about places to visit and reviewing restaurants.  

In December we will be coming back to our neck of the woods
and spending the holidays with our family.
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Since I won't be working anymore I will have time to do some things I've missed.  I missed Bible Journaling and coloring.  
That will still be easy to do.  But I am not sure about my sewing machine and quilting.  We'll talk about that later.  HeHe.

Our general plan for the New Year is go West again and then

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Work our way back over to the East Coast.   We have some 
big dreams and some big plans.  

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West Coast Winter Time!

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Today begins our Journey.  We are off to R.V. shop!  
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And then home to rest and unwind and plan!

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