Saturday, April 7, 2018

It's A Boy! and This/That

Yes it's a boy.  And he's finally here.  We are delighted.
Have you ever seen a 1 hour old colt?  He is super sweet isn't he!

So a lot has been going on this week and I am preparing ever so slowly for a big dinner tomorrow night.  

Some how late yesterday afternoon I injured my knee.  And I am 
miserable.  Went to bed at 9 last night.  It was much better today but I had to go out to get produce and flowers and a cake because I didn't get baked what I intended too. 

It's cold here!  And wet and drizzly.  Ick.  I was limping across 
the grocery store parking lot.  And my first stop didn't have pretty flowers and no pretty romaine so I then I had to go to another store which I intended to because they have better cakes anyway but usually higher on produce and they were but the flowers were cheaper and the soda was too!  So I got flowers and dessert.

Turned out to be a mini cheesecake sampler which I think worked out o.k. in the end anyway. 

And Now

I am off to rest my knee before I pull things together for tomorrow.

Have a Happy Day!
We are!
True !!

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