Saturday, April 7, 2018

Happy Homemaker In Texas

I am a Happy Homemaker in Texas

Linking with Sandra for Happy Homemaker 
on Monday
Sandra provides the prompts.  
I add a few of my own

The weather today it is actually cold and a bit drizzly.  It looks more like winter than spring. 

Right now I am Thinking  I don't know how I will possibly get done what I need to today.  I hurt my knee yesterday and it is 
giving me fits!  I am thinking The Cowboy may have to go to work with me on Monday.  We'll see how that works!

In the garden everything is about the same. I did notice how
nice the mums in the back yard garden are looking and how 
different the front yard looks.  More on that later I'll write a post about my front yard. 
Everything was looking great and I had blooms on the tomatoes.  I hope it isn't too cold now! 

On my reading pile
Nothing new that I haven't shared.  I always have a book on my phone waiting to be read for a review.
My reviews are posted over here

In the kitchen
I made this soup this week for my lunch.  It was so yummy.
I've been mentioning this for a couple of weeks here at 
HHM.  I finally made it and loved it. 

On the menu I am taking a break this week from stressing about a menu.  We have tons of stuff in the freezer and I am determined to get it cleaned out and organized. 

Last weeks menu what worked what didn't
What didn't work was me!  I didn't not stick to the menu.
And I didn't keep track of what we actually ate. 
I do know on Tuesday we were talking way to late and I didn't get dinner started so we ordered pizza. 
Oh it is coming back to me.  The Cowboy found chicken fried steak meat on sale so that was the plan that night (Tuesday)
Since I didn't cook it on Tuesday I cooked it on Wednesday.
Thursday was corned beef because our daughter comes on Thursday and it is one of her favorites. 
Friday night we had left overs I made hash with the meat and potatoes and cooked fresh broccoli.
Tonight we are eating left overs out of the freezer!

In the craft basket nothing much.  No spending anytime creating.  Spending more time decided what I can keep and what needs a new home.  My only dilema is finding a home for my cast offs. 

Something fun to share

Planning a trip to Waco, Texas soon? Check out this list of 15 other things to do in Waco in addition to visiting Magnolia Market! #Magnolia #MagnoliaMarket #Waco #WacoTexas #ThingsToDo via @hearthometravel
Have you made the trip to Magnolia Market?  And now there
is the new cafe Magnolia Table.  I've already been to the market but we didn't do anything around town. 
Waco is actually going to be our first road trip. 
We are thinking of going in a few weeks because it is so 
close and just look at and check out the r.v. parks there. 
Click here to read the post about 15 things to do!

Features from The Fabulous Party

Ellen who is new to the party this week shared a post about Essential Oils for relaxation.  I need that!
Essential oil blend to calm stress
Click here to read her post. 

I loved the idea of a Classic Roast Beef Po Boy.  I always have left overs of Roast.  But Jaxx has a new cool way to cook it.  

Roast Beef Po Boy
His recipe for Instant Pot or Crock is here
I am adding this one to my list for On The Road Recipes!

From the camera
There is a new baby in the family!

A little different I thought this was cool.
Faithbox is a monthly box for Christians filled with our everyday devotional, products from companies that respect God's creation, and for each box we ship, we provide three meals to Christian orphanages!
Click here to check it out. 

I hope you enjoyed your visit. 
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Have a great week!

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